Ford Diesel Truck Repair in San Diego

6.0-liter Power Stroke Diesel.

6.0-liter Power Stroke Diesel.

Matt’s Caddy Shack is a Certified Ford Diesel Truck Service and Repair Shop in San Diego County.

Providing An Affordable Ford Dealer Alternative for Your Diesel Truck:

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* and Repair by Factory Trained & Certified Mechanic

Have a Ford Diesel Truck 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 or 7.3  Oil Cooler Problem!?

If the EGR-Oil Cooler in your 2003-2007 F-Series or 2003-Current E-Series model with the 6.0L Navistar/Power Stroke diesel engine is plugged or failing, we will repair it for less than the Ford Dealer.

In 2009 Ford issued a service bulletin regarding EGR cooler failure under warranty. This bulletin mandated the replacement of the engine oil cooler along with the EGR cooler for a warranty claim to be honored.

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A failing or blocked engine oil cooler can have a catalysing effect on other 6.0L components:

* EGR Cooler Failure

* Premature Injector Failure

* Engine Oil Break-down Due to High Temperatures

* Early Engine Wear Due to Poorly Filtered and Cooled Engine Oil

Symptoms of a failing EGR Cooler is white smoke from the exhaust. A leaking EGR Cooler can lead to catastrophic engine failure!

Save Money! Call us before your EGR Cooler completely fails and costs $$$$.

We can quickly replace the EGR Cooler in your Ford Diesel truck with Ford Factory or leading aftermarket replacement parts.

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