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Matt’s Caddy Shack is a Certified Ford Diesel Truck Service and Repair Shop in San Diego County.

Besides working on Ford Diesel Trucks we also work on all Ford vehicles including cars including the Ford Focus and the Ford Mustang and the entire line of Ford vans including panel and work vans.

Providing An Affordable Solution as your Ford Dealer Alternative for Your Ford Diesel Truck & Ford cars:

* Service

* Maintenace

* and Repair by Factory Trained & Certified Mechanic

Have a Ford Diesel Truck 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 or 7.3  Oil Cooler Problem!?

If the EGR-Oil Cooler in your 2003-2007 F-Series or 2003-Current E-Series model with the 6.0L Navistar/Power Stroke diesel engine is plugged or failing, we will repair it for less than the Ford Dealer.

In 2009 Ford issued a service bulletin regarding EGR cooler failure under warranty. This bulletin mandated the replacement of the engine oil cooler along with the EGR cooler for a warranty claim to be honored.

Call Us Today to Speak to a Certified Ford Diesel Mechanic at (619) 440-5958

A failing or blocked engine oil cooler can have a catalysing effect on other 6.0L components:

* EGR Cooler Failure

* Premature Injector Failure

* Engine Oil Break-down Due to High Temperatures

* Early Engine Wear Due to Poorly Filtered and Cooled Engine Oil

Symptoms of a failing EGR Cooler is white smoke from the exhaust. A leaking EGR Cooler can lead to catastrophic engine failure!

Save Money! Call us before your EGR Cooler completely fails and costs $$$$.

We can quickly replace the EGR Cooler in your Ford Diesel truck with Ford Factory or leading aftermarket replacement parts.

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